2013 Keynote Speakers

Building School 2.0: Creating the Schools We Need

Video of Keynote from Oct. 14, 2013

Chris Lehmann, Principal - Science Leadership Academy

What is School 2.0? What are the pedagogical ideas that form it? Examine ideas of constructivist pedagogy and the use of 21st Century tools to create schools that are engaging, caring, and relevant places of learning for everyone involved. The history of the formation of the Science Leadership Academy will form the backdrop for this conversation.


Shift your perspective. Change your experience. Empower your people.

Video of Keynote from Oct. 16, 2013


Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE

During the last decade, Tim has delivered his entertaining, informative presentations nationally and internationally, speaking to government groups, professional associations, and corporations of every kind. Through his work he expands the understanding of humor skills as stress reduction tools. His development of easy-to-implement techniques has inspired action from publishers, television, and radio talk shows around the world. His methods and techniques are an effective way to deal with, diffuse, and even avoid intensely stressful encounters that can—and often do—occur every day.


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