Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Conference
#ParentCamp - Bringing Parents Into the 21st Century

Is your school using 1:1 devices? Are parents making the best use of all the resources your building has to offer? Come see how one elementary school created a #ParentCamp to help bring parents up...

Beginner Technical Conference
'Tech'ing Care of Your Teachers

Teachers need to stay up-to-date on the newest, best technology, websites, apps, etc. They are so busy that it is hard to know where to even start looking. This presentation will take a look at...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
1:1 on a Budget (Year 4)

The 2015-2016 school year will bring on the 4th year in our one to one program.  Currently we have averaged less than $10 per computer and are nearly one to one from K-12....

Beginner Technical Conference
1:1 Tools To Die For!

After four years in a 1:1 environment these are the tools that I can't live without and neither can my students. Come and see a quick overview of four tools that aid in student comprehension,...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference

Moving from having excellence technology to excellence learning in the classroom can be a bumpy road, but there are a few key decisions that every district should make to amplify the technology in...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
21 Century SDN Network Switching, Mobility, Management and Simplicity

Mobility: AC roadmap and wireless expansion, control and management

Switching: New and improved switching to support the explosive demand for high speed wireless connectivity

Beginner Technical Conference
21st Century Learning Design

Educators globally are working to design new models of learning that better prepare learners for life and work in the 21st century. This session introduces the six 21st-century learning design...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
21st-Century Multi-Touch Collaborative Learning Environment

Motivate students to explore, create and learn. Engage students through whole class instruction, small group collaboration, individualized and blended learning. Students will master the concepts...

Instructional Technology Conference
Technical Conference
314 Ways to Never Make Change: The Real Life Story of an Edtech List**Frisco & Burlington Rm Combined**

Is your job simple? Can it be boiled down to a top ten list? Too often in our work in educational technology, everyone is attempting to simplify the complex. What comes beyond the list is...

Intermediate Technical Conference
A Digital Toolbox for the Modern Arts Classroom

This presentation will explore innovative and practical uses of hardware, software and apps in both fine and practical arts instruction. We will take a soup to nuts look at both basic and...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference