Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Conference
'Tech'ing Care of Your Teachers

Teachers need to stay up-to-date on the newest, best technology, websites, apps, etc. They are so busy that it is hard to know where to even start looking. This presentation will take a look at...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
1:1 Tools To Die For!

After four years in a 1:1 environment these are the tools that I can't live without and neither can my students. Come and see a quick overview of four tools that aid in student comprehension,...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
21st Century Learning Design

Educators globally are working to design new models of learning that better prepare learners for life and work in the 21st century. This session introduces the six 21st-century learning design...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
21st-Century Multi-Touch Collaborative Learning Environment

Motivate students to explore, create and learn. Engage students through whole class instruction, small group collaboration, individualized and blended learning. Students will master the concepts...

Instructional Technology Conference
Technical Conference
A Blended Model for ELL Learning

"The University of Missouri's College of Education, Mizzou K-12 Online, currently provides a high-quality online program to international and domestic students. This includes an online education...

Beginner Technical Conference
A Digital Toolbox for the Modern Arts Classroom

This presentation will explore innovative and practical uses of hardware, software and apps in both fine and practical arts instruction. We will take a soup to nuts look at both basic and...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
Android Programming With MIT App Inventor

Programming apps in Android is easy with MIT App Inventor. Using drag and drop programming tiles and an easy to use graphical interface, students will be creating and sharing apps in no time.

Instructional Technology Conference
Technical Conference
Apps, Apps and more Apps

Do you have one iPad for your classroom? Do you have multiple iPads in your classroom? Come learn about apps (many free) that have been tried and true. You can use these apps in the K-5 classroom...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
Become a Google Mail Guru

Ready for the next level?

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
Bueller...Bueller: Using Student Response Systems for Student Engagement

Learn how to increase student engagement in the classroom with student response systems. From one device in the classroom to 1:1, there are options for everyone (K-12) at every level (Sped to Reg...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference