Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Conference
1:1 Initiatives: A Focus on Instruction

This presentation will discuss how the Cape Girardeau School District launched a 1:1 initiative with a focus on instruction first.  Every decision was based on what is going to enhance...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
1:1 Preparation and Process

This session will provide fundamentals of preparing and executing a 1:1 environment based on research and experiences. The do's and don'ts, how to get there, resources and what plan fits your...

Intermediate Technical Conference
21st Century Leadership: Powerful PD

Has the professional development structure in your building or district changed in the past several years or stayed stagnant? Are you looking for new and innovative ideas for facilitating...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
Baldrige, Quality Continuous Improvement and the Technology Department

School Districts and district leaders across the state and beginning or expanding their 'Baldrige Journey.'  As district Senoir Leaders (SL's) take on this model for Quality Continuous...

Intermediate Technical Conference
Becoming a Connected Educator

We will show use of numerous free apps, software, Twitter and other social media to help educators become connected with students, parents and their community.  Also included in the session...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
Begin the Flip:  Building your Classroom Website

Building a classroom website can feel like the first day entering an empty classroom.  Nobody likes feeling overwhelmed and disorganized.  This presentation will hopefully rid those...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
Blended Learning

Learn how to blend your classroom with digital content using Blendspace (formerly EdCanvas).  Blendspace is an online, free multi-media web tool for teachers and students to organize, share...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
Building Connected Educators in Your District

Get your district connected for anytime PD and shift your professional learning into the 21st Century! Design transformative professional development relevant to 21st century demands. Is your...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
Common Production, Encoding and Streaming Methods

Get an overview of basic production equipment components – camera’s, switchers, encoders and streaming server options.

In this session we will give you a “hands-on” look at Roland’s v-4ex...

Beginner Technical Conference
Curation and Organization with Evernote

Evernote allows users to collect and share bookmarks, files, web articles and screen shots from your computer, web browser or mobile device.  This session will explore how Evernote can be...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference