Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Conference
***SESSION CHANGE: Manage iOS Devices w/Apple Configurator... IT IS NOW: iMovie wi/iPad Ninja Style

iMovie is an easy, useful and quick way to put together a movie that will leave a lasting impression on students, teachers, parents, alumni and prospects. Learn how to use iMovie to be the next "...

Beginner Technical Conference
Adventures in our SAN box

Two years ago Columbia College was operating with a SAN that was at capacity and could not be economically expanded.  What options were considered and what new mindset for implementation of...

Beginner Technical Conference
BGP Six Years Later

A review of lessons learned and satisfaction with a BGP implementation of redundant ISP connections will be shared and discussed.

Advanced Technical Conference
Building the MAN

For any organization with multiple physical sites, connectivity between those sites can be a problem. If you are lucky enough to be on a single campus you can run fiber between buildings; once you...

Beginner Technical Conference
BYOD for Distance Learning with CoSpaces

The Acano team will discuss how K-12 and Higher Education institutions are looking to use coSpaces and the explosion in WebRTC.  coSpaces is a virtual meeting space where any device to...

Beginner Technical Conference
BYOD Infrastructure Part 1

Design, Planning and Implementation Part 1: Basic design and planning concepts to implement or maintain a healthy wireless/wired network.

Beginner Technical Conference
BYOD Infrastructure Part 2

Design, Planning and Implementation Part 2: Implementation techniques and future proofing your wireless/wired network.

Beginner Technical Conference
Control IT Before IT is Out of Control

Manage district IT resources with  industry-standard service management techniques used worldwide to improve IT service.

Beginner Technical Conference
Crossing the 1:1 Bridge and Surviving

Fort Osage R-1 School District took the jump into the 1:1 pool this past year and survived! We learned from others, found out some recommendations that  did not work for us and discovered...

Beginner Technical Conference
Efficiently Managing Active Directory

Microsoft Active Directory Users and Computers has not changed much in the past 10 years. This has been a road block for managing objects in Active Directory the way we would prefer. However, with...

Beginner Technical Conference