Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Conference
#ParentCamp - Bringing Parents Into the 21st Century

Is your school using 1:1 devices? Are parents making the best use of all the resources your building has to offer? Come see how one elementary school created a #ParentCamp to help bring parents up...

Beginner Technical Conference
1:1 on a Budget (Year 4)

The 2015-2016 school year will bring on the 4th year in our one to one program.  Currently we have averaged less than $10 per computer and are nearly one to one from K-12....

Beginner Technical Conference
1:1 PIDM (Planning, Implementation, Deployment, Management)

"We will share our experiences going 1:1 with Chromebooks in high school and middle school settings, detail every phase of the rollout (planning, implementation, deployment, management) , compare...

Intermediate Technical Conference

Moving from having excellence technology to excellence learning in the classroom can be a bumpy road, but there are a few key decisions that every district should make to amplify the technology in...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
314 Ways to Never Make Change: The Real Life Story of an Edtech List**Frisco & Burlington Rm Combined**

Is your job simple? Can it be boiled down to a top ten list? Too often in our work in educational technology, everyone is attempting to simplify the complex. What comes beyond the list is...

Intermediate Technical Conference
A Fistful of E-mail - for a Few Dollars Less

Learn the ins and outs of transitioning to Gmail from Exchange. Hear the good, the bad and the ugly concerning the transition the Rockwood School District went through as we moved our district's...

Intermediate Technical Conference
Azure, How it Fits in Instruction, Management and Cost Savings

As the cloud becomes more available and stable for infrastructure use, the distribution of many critical functions can be moved to it as a platform. Equally, the changes in E-rate have taken many...

Intermediate Technical Conference
Biometrics - Finger Scanner for Accurate Data

The student ID that never gets lost. A finger scan corresponds to a unique student identifier in eSchoolCore software. It used for attendance, meal tracking and reports. Why Finger Scan? It only...

Intermediate Technical Conference
Bridging the Gap: The IT/Staff Relationship**Frisco & Burlington Rm Combined**

Do you feel like you live on an island? Does your door only open with, ""are you busy?"" Do you only speak to a teacher when at last resort you must visit his or her classroom to fix something...

Beginner Technical Conference
Closing the Distance Between the Student and Instructor in Online Communications.

One of the complaints from students in online courses is there isn't enough interaction between student and instructor. And as most of us have experienced, emails can be misinterpreted.


Beginner Instructional Technology Conference