Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Conference

Moving from having excellence technology to excellence learning in the classroom can be a bumpy road, but there are a few key decisions that every district should make to amplify the technology in...

314 Ways to Never Make Change: The Real Life Story of an Edtech List

Is your job simple? Can it be boiled down to a top ten list? Too often in our work in educational technology, everyone is attempting to simplify the complex. What comes beyond the list is...

Bridging the Gap: The IT/Staff Relationship

Do you feel like you live on an island? Does your door only open with, ""are you busy?"" Do you only speak to a teacher when at last resort you must visit his or her classroom to fix something...

Closing the Distance Between the Student and Instructor in Online Communications.

One of the complaints from students in online courses is there isn't enough interaction between student and instructor. And as most of us have experienced, emails can be misinterpreted.


Firsts, Fails and Fantastical Tales: Implementing Staff Development for a Change in Instruction

Is your district considering a 1:1 or BYOD initiative? Are you wondering how to change instructional practices? Join the Raymore-Peculiar School District as they describe how their staff...

Guided Math: A Structure for Differentiated Instruction

This session will show attendees how teachers at Hazelwood East Middle School have studied and implemented the ideas of Guided Math in unique ways to meet the specific needs of their individual...

It's All About Change Management

As our districts' dependency on technology grows, so do their expectations for it to be available 24/7. How can we please and support our customers, technicians, auditors and other stakeholders?...

JC101 - Foundations for Adjunct Instruction

This online course is required of all new adjunct instructors of Jefferson College. This presentation will describe the process for development, course outcomes, process for implementation and...

Living Ferguson: How Edtech Can Amplified Our Social Justice Mission

Building a connected community to support your educational mission is essential in this chaotic time for all educators. Support from educators across the country and close to home allowed many...

Making BYOD Work in Your School

Your school just implemented a bring your own device (BYOD) program, but what's next? This session will discuss management strategies for the BYOD school and classroom. Then, we will share...