Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Conference
Adventures in our SAN box

Two years ago Columbia College was operating with a SAN that was at capacity and could not be economically expanded.  What options were considered and what new mindset for implementation of...

Beginner Technical Conference
Becoming a Connected Educator

We will show use of numerous free apps, software, Twitter and other social media to help educators become connected with students, parents and their community.  Also included in the session...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
Begin the Flip:  Building your Classroom Website

Building a classroom website can feel like the first day entering an empty classroom.  Nobody likes feeling overwhelmed and disorganized.  This presentation will hopefully rid those...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
BYOD - 3 Years Later

After 3 years of BYOD, what are we doing and what have we learned?  How did we do it? What can others learn from our experience?  What are we looking forward to? Join us for a look at...

Intermediate Technical Conference
Classroom Without Walls - Using Social Media to Connect!

Educators need to create a Personal Learning Network, but our students need an authentic audience too. How do you do this? By introducing new concepts and activities to your students using...

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
Coaching with Video Tools

Using video is an excellent way for the teacher to become the 'eyes in the back of the classroom.' Video allows for reflection on instructional strategies, student engagement, instructional design...

Intermediate Instructional Technology Conference
Common Production, Encoding and Streaming Methods

Get an overview of basic production equipment components – camera’s, switchers, encoders and streaming server options.

In this session we will give you a “hands-on” look at Roland’s v-4ex...

Beginner Technical Conference
Copyright Clearance Center's Get it Now Service

An overview of the process of implementing the Copyright Clearance Center's Get It Now service, an on demand document delivery service that provides an alternative for expensive, little used...

Beginner Technical Conference
Curation & Creation with YouTube

Are you using YouTube as a creation tool? Join us in exploring how teachers and students are enhancing their visual literacy skills by becoming creators and curators of YouTube content.

Beginner Instructional Technology Conference
Customizing your Google Site

Does your Google Site look like every other Google Site out there? This session will show how you can customize your site and make it stand out in the crowd. You will learn how to make your site...

Beginner Technical Conference